“As a quartet, Cathedral Pearls released a self-titled EP last month. The three tracks are high-energy, melodic and occasionally electronic. “Songbird’s Tune” highlights just how many things this band can do well, swelling guitars interplaying with blastbeat drums and tiny, poking electronic blips. The band sandwiches a cover of the Walkmen’s “While I Shoveled the Snow” with “Tin Can Phone,” a staggering jam that highlights Max’s vocals and shows the bands focus on simplicity.”
– The Inlander

“Their music is said to exemplify the “new Northwest sound” of Deep Sea Diver and Lemolo.”
– Easy Street Records (Seattle)


“Cathedral Pearls pulls out some hauntingly powerful vocals…”


“Front woman Karli Ingersoll, sounds like First Aid Kit being backed by a taut indie rock band — whether you’re a fan of Land of Pines or Kaylee Cole, there’s something in this project for you to be drawn to.”
– Sound on the Sound Music Blog

Named #7 of the Top 12 Washington bands to listen to now:
“Once you cross the Cascades, the Washington landscape becomes far more vast and desolate than it is on the forest-covered west side. The Eastern Washington musical landscape follows suit, tending to produce more expansive, thought-provoking music to complement the rolling hills and never-ending sky. Led by Karli Ingersoll’s soaring vocals, Cathedral Pearls are a prime example.”
– Paste Magazine


“Karli Ingersoll has been one of the most beloved local female singer-songwriters in the last decade. She was fantastic on her own, but what’s even better is seeing her now onstage with a band. And it really, really rocks.”
– The Inlander


“Off My Chain was created, according to the band, as a part of the RPM challenge–an annual event intended to encourage musicians to write and record a full-length album within the month of February–forcing upon it a lo-fi quality that adds distinct charm and authenticity (really, who could hate the sounds of a crying baby in the background?), but more importantly, emphasizes the strengths of this Northwestern indie rock band and leaves the clutter behind. The stripped-down electric guitar of songs like “Spies Like Us” and “Hook of My Heart” finds lead male vocalist Max Harnishfeger doing a pseudo-homage to Jeff Buckley, while Karli Fairbanks amps up her folkiness to energize tracks like “Take the Fall.” If living-room-lo-fi isn’t your bag, don’t write off Cathedral Pearls entirely; their previous releases prove that they’re capable of high quality studio productions. But that being said, for those who preach “keep it simple, stupid,” Off My Chain is a brilliant success story–and proof that sometimes artists can benefit from their self-imposed constraints. Stream it below, via Bandcamp.”

– Soundparlor

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