Karli and Max have also released other music in the past. Check some of that out below…

Karli Fairbanks

Followed EP – Charity EP for Krochet Kids. Only for sale at Krochetkids.org starting November 09. 1. Any Kind of Light 2. Followed 3. A Face to Look Through 4. Grieving the Earth 5. My Swords

The Breaking of Our Days – Full Length album to be released in April of 2009 – Track list: 1. Some Other Plan 2. I Can Almost Tell 3. Two Directions 4. Meet the Day 5. Needle and Thread 6. Moving Slow 7. Down the Line 8. Forms of Getting Beat 9. Last Night’s Songs 10. Hidden

Bitter Blue – Full Length album release October 2007 – For sale on cdbaby.com and itunes – Track List: 1. Take Me Home 2. Canyons 3. Tie Me Up 4. The Same Book 5. If Anybody Knew 6. 4th of May 7. Bitter Blue 8. I Could Arrange You 9. Beautiful Scenery 10. Whiskey Flowers 11. Golden Shore 12. Ten Dollar Show

Meet Me in the Open Space EP – Released in November 2008 – Track List: 1. Whiskey Flowers 2. Two Directions 3. Bitter Blue 4. Hidden

Karli Fairbanks EP – Released in April 2007 Free download. 1. Take Me Home 2. It’s the Way 3. The Same Book 4. Tired Tune 5. You Could Show Me


Max Harnishfeger

of Ruby Parasols

EP of Bugs by Ruby Parasols – Buy it here




A Hodgepodge Symphony in the Key of EP By Ruby Parasols – Buy it here


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  1. discovered bitter blue by chance at a local music store which led me here. like what i hear so far. if you have a mailing list, please add me to it as i don’t do the social networking thing.

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