Hey Everyone,

We just want to say thanks for coming out and supporting us at VOLUME last Friday. Nyne was completely packed with a line out the door for our set and it was amazing to see Spokane buzzing with so much excitement over local music. We were able to catch a couple other bands around our set who were just awesome. Terrible Buttons of course brought down the house at Nyne and Franklin opened the night with some super fun indie pop. Both worth checking out if you haven’t heard them. We also caught part of Drag Like Pull’s last show at A Club, despite some technical troubles, they rocked harder than ever. Spokane has so much talent and it’s awesome to see it being loved by the community. We believe this is just the beginning of great things to come in the local music scene. Keep rocking and keep supporting!


First Show

Our first show was incredible. Empyrean was packed and we had such a good time playing new songs. Here’s a few photos from the show, thanks to Ben Fowler. We (caleb, zac fairbanks and myself) played four new songs. And we did a surprisingly good job for only having a handful of practices all together. I was so nervous that we would forget the songs! We would love to have Zac play with us forever. He’s an amazing guitar player and quite a superb bass player as well. But since he lives in Seattle, we will have to see.¬†Joel Smith even played a few songs with us. It was magical and nostalgic for me especially. Joel and I have been playing music together for years.

Check it out music also did a great review on all three finale shows at Empyrean. Check it out here.