Greetings friends! Wanted to just throw out a huge thank you to everyone who came to our show at the Bing last week. WOW. It was unbelievable. We had so much fun and felt so loved by the audience. It was a special treat to play at such a beautiful theater and be able to feel the response from the crowd. During our set we introduced a couple of new songs that we really enjoyed playing. Hopefully recording some of the new stuff is soon on the horizon. House of Ghosts also had a great set and we are still stuck on how amazing their new album sounds. We love it…and them…SO MUCH! Please check them out.

The Bing show was our last live performance for a while. Max and Carrie are due to have their baby girl next month so we have some adjusting to do in the new phase of life. And, we need plenty of time to teach the little one some parts to our songs. But really, we are so excited that the band family is growing! In the mean time, we will probably be writing like we always do, and maybe even tracking some new stuff.

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Until next time…enjoy the beautiful colors of fall!