(photo courtesy of nadamucho.com by Sunny Martini)


Cathedral Pearls is Karli, Caleb, Max, and Carrie. You may know some of Karli’s music from her days as a folk singer-songwriter (Karli Fairbanks), and you may know Max from an indie band called Ruby Parasols. Well after a time Karli grew restless and weary of playing music as a solo artist and was looking to work with a collaboration of artists. So after marrying a drummer named Caleb, they began some rough ideas for songs. As they began the journey towards becoming a full band, Max appeared on scene. Max’s band was on a sort of hiatus with bandmates scattered around Washington State, leaving him with a craving for some musical jams that didn’t require crossing a few hundred miles.  After a couple practices, the trio realized they could benefit from another member and they very much wanted Carrie, Max’s wife, to be a part of the familial collaboration. Thus Cathedral Pearls was born in early 2011.

Karli and Max share the task of song-writing and singing lead vocals, while switching back and forth on guitar and bass. Carrie brings some texture with synth keyboards, background vocals, and percussion. Caleb drums and sings background vocals.

Musically, they find themselves on common ground with bands such as Wye Oak, Dirty Projectors, The Antlers, and Arcade Fire; bringing you a delightful mix of indie, pop, rock, and soul.

In just over a year performing around the northwest, Cathedral Pearls has shared the stage with national acts such as David Bazan, Pickwick, Rachel Yamagata, Hey Marseilles, Ivan & Alyosha, Shannon Stevens and many more.